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Fever Thermometer Test Prank


Fever Thermometer Application is software system that is devoted to analyze your Fingerprint in order to detect your Body Temperature in clear digital numbers, easy to be read. Fever Thermometer is an alternative Application that provides the results of your Body Temperature instead of using medical manual equipment. lot of people wish to look after their Body situation from time to time but they have always to look for Temperature thermometer, but the Application Fever Thermometer is very simple Application tends to calculate your Body Temperature in simple touch on the phone screen, you have just to replace your Finger on the Fingerprint of Fever Thermometer and wait until the Scan is totally finished then you can read the results of your analysis. An incredible joke Application that uses Fingerprint Scanner thermometer to Prank people and purport them that it Scan the fever. so if you like joke, and always hope to Trick audience with new Pranks you are undoubtedly need this funny Application. Fever Thermometer is actually a joke Application that calculates the wrong Temperature for those who doubt that they get fever symptoms. but in fact Fever Thermometer is made for people who just want to Pranks and fall others into the trap that their Body Temperature reaches high level. so what you are waiting for, to get this lovable Fever Thermometer and get ready to laugh on people who will use it as real thermometer and when they will be surprised about the given outcomes of Fever Thermometer Prank. this the occasion to show people the power of your Android device. Fever Thermometer Prank with Fingerprint is provided in best quality designs and high-definition graphics and backgrounds. Fever Thermometer is compatible with almost Android devices. It is also Tested on various Android devices IE Android tablets and smartphones. Warning: Fever Thermometer is one of the funniest Pranks in form of android Application to use with your friends, colleagues and family members without fear and without worry to have any bad reflection on your community. Do not forget to evaluate Fever Thermometer and give us your feedback on your experience of Fever Thermometer Prank, in case of any problem please send us email. and of course your appreciated comments is highly needed.